We expect a certain level of commitment from both our students and their parents. We strive to help create engaged young Muslim Americans who are strong in their sense of identity and faith. See if you and your child are eligible candidates for the Akhlaq Institute!*

Your child is...

between the ages of 8-18 years old

able to read and sound out Arabic letters


can work with others

likes to learn 

can respect the classroom atmosphere

As a parent, you are...

dedicated to your child's learning

willing to commit 3 hours, at minimum, per week towards studying course material with your child

responsible for how consistent your child is at attending school

actively engaged in the process of reinforcing concepts learned in class by encouraging their application outside of it

*disclaimer: please note that if you or your child are unwilling to commit the time and effort to attend, engage in, or respect the class, you are an ineligible candidate.